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  • We want our support to be accessible to everyone.

  • Our long term objective is to prevent long-term mental health in the hospitality sector.

  • For chefs to continue in their profession past the age of 35 years.

The campaign is unapologetically bold in its approach to combating mental health stigma and hopes to act as a beacon of support to those affected by common-place issues such as depression.

  • We work with restaurants, hotels and suppliers, spreading the ethos of Pilot Light and raising awareness of our campaign.
  • We are working on training packages designed to address stigma in hospitality and we are working alongside other Mental Health organisations to achieve this.
  • Provide innovative technology by way of an app for both employers and employees which will monitor, measure and assist the user.
  • Offer workshops which will cover a host of topics designed to increase productivity & safeguarding

We will invite all partner organisations to sign up to the Pilot Light Pledge, showing their commitment and support for change in the industry including:

(a) creating an environment where speaking openly about mental health problems is as normal as speaking about physical health problems

(b) to put safeguards and practises in place to identify and monitor the wellbeing of their staff.


    Our stories

  • Jamie Tandoh

    Our day begins at 5am. We open the doors early and wave goodbye to the last customers nearly 10 hours later. Read More

  • Jamie Lumsden

    On my 18th birthday, I travelled to London from my home town, Colchester. I worked for free in a French bistro in Soho until I was given a paid position. Read More

  • Joe Laker

    I always considered myself someone who could tackle any problem life presented to me. Read More

  • Tom Norrington-Davies

    As a fledgling restaurateur I found myself feeling responsible for every little thing that went wrong. Read More

  • Jonny Rothfield

    I had a mental breakdown in June 2015. I apparently left home around 5am on a Monday morning and was declared a missing person for 4 days. I was found over 100 miles away from home. From what I’ve been told I walked there, but I was also seen with... Read More

  • Doug Sanham

    I had a head chef, who, after I first tried to kill myself really stepped up to help me. He was really supportive. Really drove me. But still I could not speak. I just always said I’m okay. And there are times where I still say ‘I’m okay’... Read More

  • Dave Sayers

    Ever since I was a teenager I’ve suffered with mental health issues. Read More

  • Hannah Clare

    I have had issues with my mental health as long as I can remember, I have always been a natural performer and carer, just wanting to spread some joy and putting others before myself. Read More

We cannot do this alone! Together, we can create a community of like-minded professionals united by a common cause: to shine a light on these issues and act as a beacon of support to those affected by them.

Contact us at to continue this conversation.