Time to Look Out for Each Other

Pilot Light Campaign features heavily in this month’s Restaurant Magazine, which proclaims it is ‘time to look out for each other.’

The monthly trade magazine not only includes an interview with Pilot Light founder, Andrew Clarke, on the work of the Pilot Light campaign and the current state of mental health in the hospitality industry, but also includes a full page cut out poster for kitchen providing guiding questions and signposting information.

In his interview with the magazine, Andrew highlights the difficulty in being able to recruit chefs into the industry “Chefs are our most precious commodity and I’ve seen to many burn out too early – you get five or six years out of them and then they want to go and do something else… I love working hard, but we also all need longevity in our jobs – I guess it’s like work hard, REST hard.”

Whilst this month’s article doesn’t appear on Big Hospitality’s website, you can find a previous interview with Andrew written by the magazine last June – Let’s Not Forget Sustainable Chefs

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