Socca “Muffin” Recipe

Daniel Watkins has been awesome enough to share some of his recipes for us to try.

Socca “muffins” charred broccoli, roast pepita, Fermented hummus

Serves 4 ish

Socca “Muffin”

5g dried yeast
200ml warm water
2g salt
40g cornmeal
80g chickpea flour
Olive oil for cooking

In a tall bowl add the yeast, warm water, chickpea flour and cornmeal, using a hand blender, blend until everything has been mixed well then add the salt

Cover with cling film and rest for 1 hour

You will need a couple of small rings, but failing that cook them like pancakes

Lightly oil the rings

Heat up a small pan with splash of  olive oil , add the rings to the pan and reduce the heat

Pour the mix into the rings, slowly caramelised the bottoms then carefully flip them over

Once you have colour both sides the muffins will be cooked, you can test by inserting a knife, if it comes out clean there ready

Fermented hummus

400g tinned chickpeas rinsed and drained or 200g dried, soaked and cooked
Pinch of cumin
Pinch of smoked paprika
1 Lemon juiced
80ml Olive oil  and little extra for the jar
40g Tahini paste
10g maldon sea Salt
A little water

In a blender add the drained chickpeas, salt, tahini, cumin, paprika  and a splash of water

Blend until a thick pure, adding the olive oil gradually  if you need to add a little more water do so until you have the texture you like,  season with lemon juice taste

You will need a sterilised jar with a tight fitting lid, pour the mixture in to the jar, cover with  olive oil

Leave at room temp for a couple of days, you will see the hummus start to bubble and push though the oil

When the hummus is ready pop it into the fridge, will keep for ages

For this dish i finished with lots roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted broccoli, fermented and pickled jalapenos

This dish is dairy free and gluten free and makes for a good snack or lunch

providing plenty of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein,  maintaining a healthy immune system.

And with the addition of the fermentation to the hummus we are adding  rich probiotic bacteria  and enzymes,  increasing the health of your gut.

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