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You would be surprised how many people can help, how many of them just wait for opportunity to help someone! Nikifor Mleczak

My journey begun when my friend opened about his past, pain and struggles in front of me. At the time I thought ‘wow, so you can be strong and emotional at the same time! There is nothing wrong about saying that you are hurting and need help!’.

Second crucial moment was, when I broke down. Couldn’t take this any longer, couldn’t hold my pain anymore. It was in the morning at work, I started to cry for no specific reason. Went to seek professional support the same day.

Now my conscious journey with therapy and mental health goes on for about 7 years. To stop drugs and drinking booze was very important, as it allowed me to see what really was killing me. I am off alcohol for 10 years now. I’m in a group therapy. Group therapy is meant to help build and maintain healthy relationships. What we do during our 3 hours sessions is literally talk, listen, exchange experiences and support each other.

Things that help me daily are meditation (works magic and changes mindset), any kind of physical activity (running, gym, gentle work out at home, walks, trekking, swimming, gentle yoga or stretching), Prayer, cooking. The ultimate rest for me is contact with nature by myself – going forest, mountains or seaside to just be with my emotions and thoughts.

My Son, 16 years old Oskar suffers depression. We live together. Just the two of us. He has been on medication for six months and seeing therapist twice a week. It is the most painful thing any parent can experience, to see your child in pain and being unable to help them… to help them more.  On the other hand, he pushes me to be better due to that. I must be stronger for him, better for him, more compassionate, more understanding, more emphatic and less selfish whilst being his Father and companion. I learn every day, something new and honestly, this whole journey is such a gift. Just need to work out how to give back to everyone who helped me along the way.

I think very often people think they are not important, unloved, lonely, this is a lot of pain to carry. Please do yourself good and try to talk with someone, you would be surprised how many people can help, how many of them just wait for opportunity to help someone.

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